Pakistan struggles to salvage traction on Kashmir, hyperlinks it to Afghanistan

WASHINGTON: Struggling to draw attention to the Kashmir issue, Pakistan has linked it to Afghanistan imbroglio, warning that it might have to redeploy troops from its western border to the eastern front, a shift that Washington fears could complicate American peace talks with the Taliban. Pakistan’s “Kashmir-for-Afghanistan” card was played by its ambassador to the…

Pakistan struggles to salvage traction on Kashmir, hyperlinks it to Afghanistan

WASHINGTON: Struggling to design consideration to the




has linked it to Afghanistan imbroglio, warning that it might likely maybe deserve to redeploy troops from its western border to the eastern entrance, a shift that Washington fears might likely maybe also complicate American peace talks with the Taliban.

Pakistan’s “Kashmir-for-Afghanistan” card turned into once performed by its ambassador to the US Asad Majeed Khan in course of an editorial board meeting with the Unique York Times, at the same time as he professed that the two considerations were separate and he turned into once no longer attempting to hyperlink them.

Alternatively, the NYT quoted him as announcing, “We possess got our hands rotund” on the western border, but “If the distress escalates on the eastern border, we can must undertake redeployments.” True now in


, he added, “we’re no longer mad by anything else but what’s going on on our eastern border (with India).”

The remarks came from a familiar Pakistani playbook going again to the Musharraf period, when Islamabad would normally warn it wouldn’t have the selection to enhance American targets (in its battle on terror) on fable of considerations with and perceived threats from India, so as to look at US intervention and/or again. The strategy normally resulted in the Bush and Obama administrations striking a restraining hand on Unique Delhi to no longer acknowledge forcefully to Pakistan-sponsored terrorist assaults on India.

The Trump administration is reported to be in the closing phases of an settlement with the Taliban and Afghan representatives to facilitate a US drawdown from Afghanistan, and despite the incontrovertible truth that all events possess cautioned Islamabad to refrain from linking its strengthen for the deal to the Kashmir distress, Islamabad seems able to throw a monkey wrench into the works after finding that it’s no longer getting any strengthen for its dispute with India.

Pakistan has been busy dialing up the area for strengthen, calling leaders from Ankara to Tehran to Kuala Lumpur. But it absolutely has stumbled on miniature backing, other than requires it to make expend of the bilateral channel to settle considerations with India, and expressions of recount for the human rights distress in the Kashmir Valley.

The biggest setback to Pakistan has advance from its Gulf and Arab allies who while expressing recount about the distress in the Valley possess gone ahead with industry as frequent with India, the effect there might be not this kind of thing as a visual unrest amongst the 200 million Muslims in quite a lot of areas in the country. On Monday, Saudi Arabia announced a huge $ 15 billion desire-in into Reliance Industries’ petro industry, at the same time as India and China signed several agreements during External Affairs Minister S.Jaishankar’s search advice from to Beijing, despite variations on the Kashmir distress.

But so as to nook India, Pakistan finds itself alone. Some realization of this looked as if it might likely maybe possess dawned on Monday when the country Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi requested Pakistanis no longer to dwell in a “fool’s paradise” and warned “no person would maybe be standing there (in the U.S.) with garlands in hands” – a reference to the lonely furrow it has had to plow in the area fora.

Peaceable, Pakistani diplomats, tasked with elevating the distress at every discussion board seemingly, possess been making the rounds of the media and possess tanks to discuss up India’s purported aggression and heavy-handedness in Kashmir, with sympathetic hearing from western media outlets similar to CNN, NYT, WaPo, BBC, and the Guardian.

On Monday, Fox News featured every the Pakistani and Indian ambassadors on the distress.

“Let me display this to you and to your viewers, it’s lawful cherish one lovely morning, somebody in Washington decides to interrupt up the say of Unique York into three constituent devices — without making any reference to the oldsters of the say. And here is done on top of that say being a disputed territory, duly recognized by the United Nations,” Pakistan’s Asad Majeed Khan said as he attempted to throw mild on a design back most American don’t care about.

Indian ambassador Harsh Vardhan Shringla’s response positioned India as a


whose 200 million Muslims were unfold beyond the Kashmir Valley.

“In India we possess 200 million Muslims. They comprise 18 p.c of our inhabitants. Right here’s the second-ideal inhabitants of Muslims in the area. What’s serious is to be aware is because we’re a democracy – because we give a jabber to your complete other folks in our country no matter faith – there might be miniature or no [desire] amongst Indian Muslims for ISIS or Al Qaeda,” he outlined.

“We can slowly open up the distress. At some stage we can possess elections. … They’ll possess their possess chief minister. We can be certain that there is big pattern assistance,” Shringla added.

The verbal skirmishes prolonged beyond ragged media and TV studios to possess tanks and social media, drawing in partisans from both facet. Exceptionally, there were also dissenters.

In a widely circulated video, a Pakistani nationwide attacked Pakistan’s ambassador to the UN and her aides at a briefing, calling them “thieves” who were “stealing our money” and yelling, “you attain no longer deserve to checklist Pakistan

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